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A dedicated group of professionals with their finger on the pulse of the real estate market in Oklahoma with a daily study of all facets of the market throughout the country.  We are currently experiencing an increasing number of distressed properties and short sales. 

Meeting the ultimate goal of our clients is always our number one priority.  Team Williams has a combined total of 30 years in Real Estate Sales and Development in Oklahoma and surrounding states.  In order to best serve our clients, we have a full array of services that are available.  A licensed real estate attorney is available to provide services to expedite any and all legal aspects that might arise with a property.  We are also staffed in all areas of property maintenance and repair.  In addition, we coordinate moving, estate sales, staging and any other services that will ensure a smooth transaction.  We work directly with lenders and title companies to avoid any delays in closing.  When possible, we avoid the "middle man".  Charges will be obtained for all services and approved by client.  

Our philosophy centers on a strong individual marketing plan for each client.  We utilize newspaper, Internet, virtual tours, open houses, real estate publications, direct mail and any and all marketing tools that will provide greatest exposure.  Our marketing plan results in maximum profit to our sellers and a fair market price to our buyers.  

We are Your Team and YOU are OUR GOAL!

Team Williams 
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Frank and Carol Williams
Frank and Carol Williams
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